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It’s about Pharma not Guns. January 17, 2013

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Conservatives and constitutionalists should avoid engaging in straw man arguments over gun control involving magazine capacity or what the real definition of an “assault” weapon is. The real debate should be the widespread prescribing of the dangerous class of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRIs for short. In nearly every school massacre in recent history the shooter was on some type of anti-depressant. Violent and suicidal actions are common in every 1 in 1000 cases of SSRI usage. Over 19 million prescriptions for SSRI meds are filled each year and big Pharma makes BILLIONS each year from marketing and selling this medication which the FDA requires it’s highest warning label on every SSRI prescription bottle. Turn around the gun control argument by arguing for registration of individuals who are prescribed SSRI’s to include making their names publicly available. The right to SSRI medication is not guaranteed by the constitution and people should be aware that it isn’t magazine size or color of a rifle or whether it has a handgrip or not which is dangerous. It is people who might be mentally unstable to begin with being prescribed SSRI meds which you are in danger from and you have a right to know who they are the same way you have the right to know if a paedophile is living in your neighborhood or which law abiding citizens own guns (or printing presses for that matter).

Now if only I had group of children standing behind me maybe I’d be taken seriously.